With lots of hard work and the help and support of our community, the Micro Houses are now  providing temporary shelter in our area for individuals and families.   Thank you to everyone for making this possible.  For more information contact Laura at 423-775-6595.  Thank you for your support.

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The Micro Home serves as our first, with hopes of many more to come. It operates as a small home that families or individuals who find themselves homeless and need a place they can stay until they get back on their feet. The unique style and idea of a mini home instead of a large group setting will prove to have a higher success rate by helping the homeless return to a state of stability.  We have been operating shelters for over 25 years. We bring with us experience, knowledge and a great desire to help and solve our local homeless problem.

Thank you to all who had a part in helping us accomplish this goal.  It was a journey taken by many with lots of sweat and hard work.  We focused on the problem, we found a solution, we persued, we worked hard and we ACCOMPLISHED with a beautiful finished product. We have began providing temporary housing for individuals and families in need of shelter.  We have provided shelter for two families so far in our Micro Home with great outcomes.  If you would like to make a donation click on the link below or contact Laura Olmstead at 423-775-6595 with any questions.

To see the progress of the micro-home from beginning to end, visit our facebook page that shows the progress as it happens. Follow us here on Facebook >

It doesn't take much to provide a roof over someone's head. Just $16 covers the cost of two nights of shelter.

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1st Micro House

Micro House      Micro House Finished


If you would like to donate, contact us: 

Laura Olmstead  (Food, Housing and Thrift Store Director) 423-775-6595 

Alton Steen (office) 423-775-4333  (cell) 423-280-1380

2nd Micro House

second micro house

second micro house



For more information about We Care's Housing Programs, call 423-775-6595 or contact us!