Why Haven House Is So Important From Someone Who Was Helped — and Why It Is So Important To Save It! December 13, 2013

by: Laura Olmstead
We Care Community Services Food and Housing Program Director

Yesterday I was speaking with someone about the importance of having a homeless shelter here in Dayton. How saddened I am that we will be closing ours soon and have been seeking one and have some very good options with a little help from the community.

Some years ago a lady came to me in need of shelter. I do not remember all the details. She looked worn out, dirty and at the “end of her rope”. I was at first skeptical because of her appearance and her distressed behavior. However, her need was great and she said she would volunteer, do anything to have a place to stay and a fresh start. So she went into our shelter. In between her looking for work and cleaning the shelter she would come and volunteer at the We Care Food Pantry.  Within a few days she found a job. Within a few more days she found a second job. We became close over time. I connected her with another woman in the area who could help lift her up and be her friend as she got her life back on track.

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