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January, 2015


Hello Everyone,

The year 2014 has now passed into our rear view mirror and we are excitedly entering into a new year with great anticipation and

expectations for a very productive year. The past year was quite an eventful one here at WE CARE and we hope that it was a good and

positive year for each and every one of you. I would like to share some of the highpoints from last year with you.


We started out the year organizing and promoting our first annual golf tournament to raise funds for our Micro House project which will

consist of a small community of “Tiny Homes” serving displaced families or individuals with temporary transitional shelter. The tournament

was a great success with local businesses and individuals making it possible for us to raise $ 5,000.00. At about the same time we had an

unnamed individual donate $ 10,000.00 to this project under the condition that we match that amount within twelve months. That was

accomplished in two months and this really gave us a strong jump start on moving this project forward. So, with enough money in the bank,

we moved forward and finished our first TINY HOUSE and had our grand opening ceremonies in August. We are now trying to get enough

money on hand to proceed with the next house. We welcome anyone who would like to help out with this project to contact either Alton

Steen or Laura Olmstead at the WE CARE offices.


SAFE HAVEN LIGHT was also brought on line this past year, initially to provide a local safe and stable home for children caught up in a

parent’s poor choices. After obtaining a license from the state and trying to operate the program for nearly a year, it became clear to the

Board of Directors that, due to the fact that we were receiving no reimbursement from the state for this level of care and that the local

demand for this type of housing did not rise to expected levels, we would have to redefine the services provided through this facility.

Therefore, SAFE HAVE LIGHT is now serving as a temporary shelter for displaced families that have young children. We are extremely

blessed to have Leslie Pruett serving as resident director.


In October we hosted a SAFE HAVEN LIGHT 5K run/walk in combination with a music festival which raised over $ 1,500.00. For a first time

event we had a lot of positive feedback from participants as well as attendees. So, the plans are to sponsor another similar event this fall

with the hopes of increasing our runner participation from the 70 this past October to at least 150 runners this coming Fall.


In December WE CARE partnered with a local business man from Charlie Rogers Ford to hold a Christmas Party for several needy families

from Rhea County. Santa was there along with his helpers providing food, refreshments and a pile of gifts for all the children as well as the

parents. All the parents

involved expressed their heartfelt appreciation for a Christmas that they otherwise would not have experienced. So, we want to give a great

big SHOUT OUT to Brian Smith for all of his efforts to make this event a reality for these families.


We have a lot of exciting events coming up this year – Our Golf Tournament in April, the River Run in May, the 5K Run/Walk in the Fall,

building another Hope Home sometime this year and of course, building our second Micro House for the homeless. Please continue to watch

for further details on all of these events in the near future and we solicit your involvement and help in the way of financial contributions,

materials and supplies, and whatever time you may be able to volunteer.


Alton Steen

General Manager



Laura Olmstead~ We Care Food, Shelter and Housing Programs

Wow it is 2015. As most of you I am still writing 2014. We have had a very eventful busy year. We have had some great events to benefit our homeless in the area. We have so far had two families in our Micro Home for the homeless with great outcomes. 

We have been helping families with children in our Spring City location, under the careful and watchful eye of the awesome Leslie Pruitt. At this time Leslie is quite ill and the shelter is not in operation. We all continue to pray and wish Leslie well. She has really made Safe Haven such a great success through these families.

Our food programs continue to operate at full throttle. In recent months we finally acquired and assembled the final shelving needed in the Food Club. It looks awesome.  We hope to continue to grow and improve in 2015.

This upcoming year we have so many hopes and goals in mind. We continue to serve the community the best way possible, and have different projects on our plate to continue to be Rhea County’s Community Service Provider.  With the current news of a local manufacturer closing and moving to another state, it is our goal to prepare the best we can for those families who will be in need when this takes place.  



From the desk of Ina Ring: We Care Thrift Center Director


We look forward to a new year with exciting possibilities. The Thrift Store is here to serve and benefit the community. We depend on you to help us do this. We continue to appreciate your quality donations which are vital to our existence. In addition, we need your input and suggestions as to how we can better provide what you need. I'm talking about constructive, specific ideas. We're all human so it is easy to notice and voice the things we do not like. (Specifically, we've heard our pricing of some items needs adjusting. We are working on that.)


I'm sure there are other issues some of you would like to address. We want you to do that, but in a constructive way. Unless you communicate directly with us we are sometimes unaware of what needs to be addressed. Call (423-775-6595), e-mail (iring@wecaredayton.org) or come by to talk with a manager. We will welcome your comments. Remember we need specifics, not generalities. We need constructive dialogue.


Also, don't hesitate to let us know what you feel we're doing right. We're human too and appreciate a little affirmation every now and then.


By working together, we can be a powerful force to enable individuals and families to better care for themselves.


As the saying goes “ You can please some of the people some of the time, all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but you can never please all of the people all of the time.” But we will never stop trying...


Ina Ring~ We Care Thrift Center Director

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