Grateful for the Food Pantry February 22, 2017

“I am very grateful for the Food Pantry cause there are times when the dollar does not stretch that far for things that we might need but let me tell you it does at the pantry. I can go and get so much stuff for very little cost. That is why I am so grateful for the pantry. They have wonderful friendly staff and they are always greeting everyone with a smile no matter who you are. They truly love their customers and its really affordable. I would send anyone to the We Care Friendly Budget to shop. You will have no regrets. I also love how they have micro homes and other homes to help others in need of homes. You all are such a blessing to Rhea County. Thank you We Care Friendly Budget for all your services. ”

Karen C.

Great Deals at Both Locations February 21, 2017

“I have always found great deals at both we care locations and my family has greatly benefited from these finds. There are many instances where we would not of been able to stretch out our food budget for an entire month without shopping at the friendly budget market. Also I’ve been able to keep all my growing kids in nice clothing at a very good price by shopping at we care. I’m always finding something unique to add to my home décor, or just the right ingredients to try a new meal. Love, love, love We Care and all the wonderful people who work so hard to keep these stores running for our community. ”

Carla G.

A Place to Stay February 21, 2017

“About a year and a half ago, I was struggling to pay rent and found myself turned out of my lease. We Care Shelter program provided myself and my children a place to stay so I could get back on my feet. It was such a great help in a worrying time of trouble. The food pantry was sometimes our only source of food during this time as well. This program, in all of its facets, truly is a help to Rhea County. ”

Judy H

Brought In From The Cold February 21, 2017

“I arrived back in 2012. My bf at the time had got deported. I was left out in the cold during winter. THANK GOD We Care had a Safe Haven home. Y'all took me in no questions asked. I was broken. Thought life was over; however, I think that’s when things got better for me. I had hit rock bottom. Within a week of being at the home I had gotten a job at Mickey D and quickly saved up to get my own place. It wasn't the best but it was a place I could call home. When I didn't have no food We Care helped! I can't thank y'all enough! By the grace of God I'm doing very well now. Matter of fact I'm a proud mobile home owner. Thanks We Care!!!!!!!!!! ”

Jennifer R.

We Care People May 02, 2013

“It's people like those at We Care who make the world a better place. Thanks! ”

Sarah G.

We Care Saved Our Lives

“I truly believe We Care saved our lives by taking us in. I don't believe my wife and I would be here today to tell our story if it wasn't for them. Did I mention that my wife and I are both disabled? You can see how much good We Care does. ”

Frank K.

A Few Dollars Makes All the Difference

“Last week the girl at the front desk helped me to get my light bill paid and gave me a few dollars to get home. Thank you so much! Please say a prayer for us at my work so we girls can go back to work soon. All of us need money to pay bills. Again, thank you very much! ”

Mary M.

I Will Be Able to Have Fun at Camp

“Thank you to Dr. Ring and the We Care family for the clothes and sleepwear for camp. Thanks to all of you, I'm going to have fun at camp. You all are in my prayers. Thank you all. ”

Shawn B.

Valuable Help When Needed

“I want to thank you all at We Care for your valuable help to get my electric bill paid. My husband died after nearly a year of battling chronic leukemia. To be more comfortable in the heat of summer it was necessary to keep the temperature in the house cooler than usual. It would have been impossible to pay the high electric bills through the summer without your help. My husband was a fine Christian man who sometimes was able to help fix electric items at the thrift store. ”

Esther K.

Thanks for the Kind Help

“We think it's wonderful to know nice people just like you. Thanks for your kind help. ”

Travis P.

Deeply Appreciated

“I wanted to say thank you and to let you know that what you did was deeply appreciated. To know that you are available to help people in need makes me proud. Someday I will be able to pass on your kindness. ”

Gail H.

Treated with Respect and Like Family

“While we stayed in the Haven House shelter, everyone from We Care treated us with respect and like family. Our heart-filled thanks to We Care for all you have done, not only for us, but for all the people you truly help. ”

Linda K.

Kindness is appreciated

“Your kindness is appreciated. Thank you very, very much! ”

Johnny M.

We Care Pantry

“I don't know what my mother would have done without the We Care Pantry. ”


Food at Discount Prices

“We Care provided food at discount prices. Thus, helping feed my family on a budget. ”

Laura W.

Helpful Employees

“You do a good job. The employees are very helpful! Thank you. ”

James Suttles

Friendly in Times of Need

“Every one at the Food Pantry is awesome. They have helped us many times when we didn't have anything. The food bags are cheap and you get a lot of food. I personally would like to thank every one of them for the great friendly service. ”

Tabitha Damiels

Making Counties Better

“The We Care Food Pantry is one of the best places to shop in Dayton. The unity of the girls is great! Laura is a great director who is capable of making Rhea County and Bledsoe County better by being here. ”

Ben C.

Huge Help for Family

“The Food Pantry has been a HUGE help for my family. With four children and unemployment in our house, I don't know if we could have made it some weeks. Thank you so much! ”

Jami D.

Caring for People

“They are the best people. They have helped me and my family and I thank the Lord for all they do for the people. ”


Exotic Foods at Affordable Prices

“Exotic foods available at affordable prices and, of course, free stuff at times that help a lot. ”

Josie Annett

Help During Hard Times

“We never know when times could get tough! Believe me, they can! The God for places like this to help during hard times! ”


We Care Helps Everyone

“We Care is an awesome place. They help everyone. ”

Sandy F.

We Care Helps Families

“We Care has helped our family for years. We're glad we a place to get cheaper food. ”


Providing Help During Stressful Times

“There are many instances that you have helped out our family to just survive. One instance is how you kept us with formula at times when we weren't sure what we do do to feed our daughter after the stress of me not being able to breastfeed anymore. ”